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Crabtree Property Management

High quality, honest, reliable and innovative property management since 1983

Search FAQs

  • How many years have you been in the property management business?
  • Crabtree was established in 1984.
  • What are your specific company details, including the full title, the address of registered office, the registered company number, the names and qualifications of all directors and a list of proprietors?
  • Crabtree PM Ltd
    Marlborough House
    298 Regents Park Road
    N3 2UU

    Company Number: 1766406
    Chairman: Terry White MICM AIRPM
    Managing Director: Robert Robertson MIRPM
    Director: Arti Parmar MAAT
    Director: Mike Babb AIRPM

    Crabtree PM Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crabtree Property Holdings Limited (address as above, company number 6508078).
  • Which professional trade bodies does Crabtree belong to?
  • Association of Residential Managing Agents, 3rd Floor, 2–4 St George's Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4DP Telephone: 020 7978 2607 Email: info@arma.org.uk

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 12 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD Telephone: 020 7 7686 8555 Email: contactrics@rics.org

    Association of Retirement Homes Managers, South Bank House, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ Telephone: 020 7463 0660 Email: enquiries@arhm.org

    Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, Financial House, 14 Barclay Road, Croydon, CR0 1JN Telephone: 0845 225 2277 Email: info@alep.org.uk

    All of our employees, not just our property managers, are also encouraged to join the Institute of Residential Property Managers and to take their exams where appropriate.

    We are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to place insurance and deal with claims on behalf of our clients.
  • How many staff within your company are directly involved with property management?
  • All of them. We currently have 12 administration staff, 20 accounts/banking staff and there are 40 members of the property management team, including our building surveyors.
  • Can you offer a quality service at a fair cost?
  • Appoint us and we’ll prove it! Crabtree has grown consistently over the years because residents, conveyancing solicitors, contractors, estate agents and others we come into contact with recommend us to potential new clients. This happens because we do the job professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Do you offer an out of hours service for emergencies?
  • If any of our lessees are unfortunate enough to suffer an emergency, Crabtree are on hand 24 hours a day, every day, to assist them and reduce the impact the emergency may have on the building or development. If the emergency occurs outside normal office hours, then lessees who require emergency assistance may telephone our usual office number and a recorded message will provide the telephone number of our out-of-hours service, who will assess the problem and decide on the most appropriate course of action. The end result may well be that an ‘approved’ contractor is dispatched to the property to deal with the emergency. No one can anticipate when an emergency is likely to happen, but it could happen to any of our clients at any time

    We do not charge any additional costs for this service; it is available to all of our clients, free of charge.
  • How do you deal with lessees in breach of their lease?
  • The action that we take depends upon the exact nature of the breach and the specific wording of the lease. We would speak to the lessee, to explain the problem and try to reach an agreeable remedy. This would be followed by a confirming letter. If the breach could not be remedied amicably, then solicitors would have to be instructed on behalf of the client. However, each case is individual, so we will adapt our processes to the problem in question.
  • How do you deal with complaints?
  • Promptly is the short answer, not that we get that many. The individual property manager deals with complaints in the first instance. If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, then the matter would be referred first to their team leader and then to the departmental manager. If it still remains unresolved, then an appropriate director would attempt to find a resolution. If the complainant is still unhappy, then the matter is reviewed by the managing director. Finally, in the unlikely event that the complainant still feels that they have an unresolved issue, then the matter can be referred to the Ombudsman Services (Property).

    A full copy of our complaints procedure can be obtained from the Downloads page accessed via the Extra Resources button on the main menu.
  • How do you deal with unpaid service charges?
  • Most lessees pay by Direct Debit, so non-payment is not usually a problem. Having received a demand (in accordance with the lease), non-payers will receive a reminder followed by a final notice. If payment is not made after that, and if no payment terms have been agreed, then a County Court summons will be issued. The usual County Court procedures will be followed and a Judgment will be obtained if necessary.
    Following this, we would approach the mortgage company to obtain payment on behalf of the lessee. Costs for this process are charged to the offending lessee. However, this only takes place as a last resort, if the lessee is failing to comply and has not agreed a payment schedule.
  • Where and how do you keep service charge monies, how are they administered and who receives any interest?
  • As mentioned above, client funds are held in individual, interest-bearing accounts with Bank of Scotland. Interest is credited to the client’s account by the bank in accordance with the level of funds in the account. The PPMS software monitors ground rent funds, service charge funds etc and applies RICS accounting rules to each fund.
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